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Did a Securitization Trust
Purchse Your Note Directly?
Fraud to Get a Trust Deed for a Security?
FDIC Agreements Pay More
for Short Sales & Foreclosures
Many Banks Failed Because
After Securitization Failed
They weren't able to Lend
Intro to How They Planned it
and Why They're Dangerous.
(Under Construction)
Disqualify Your Judge!
Judges' Conflicts of Interest
Judge Pensions Heavily Invested
in Bank Derivatives?
Book: Rob a Nation, Own a Bank www.WaMuFraud.com
(since 2001 - Fraud by Banks)
Info and 18+ Videos describing
the Collapse Causes in Detail


Bloomberg Securitization Analysis

Level III Bloomberg Report Explained

PDF Download Sample Bloomberg Property Securitization Analysis

Full Bloomberg Securitization Report Includes:

  • Transactions Details and Participants
  • Securitization Details and Participants
  • Copy of the Prospectus
  • Copy of Pooling and Serviing Agreement
  • Bloomberg Screenshots of the Trust as well as other Actively Training Data Including:
    • Description of the Security from Bloomberg
    • Deal Description
    • Structured Finance Notes Screen
    • Section Pertaining to Trust Credit Enhancements
    • Loan Level Detail Section including REMICS, CUSPS, Credit Default Swap, Libor Index, Classes of Paid and Unpaid
    • MERS Analysis
    • Report Summary
    • Expert Witness Affidavit
  • Full Chain of Title Analysis
  • Full Robo-Signer Analysis
  • Full Assignment/Conveyance Analysis and Analysis of Indorsements
  • Entity Verification Analysis
  • Complete Report Summary

The Auditor is a subscriber of Bloomberg and uses the latest search for Non-Agency residential loans by characteristic. Either Loan Number or Original Amount that are provided to perform a search to verify that the loan is inside the Securitized Trust.


Our Bloomberg Report Will Include the Following Documents
(click pictures to enlarge)

Non-Agency Mortgage Loan Find (LFND)

The name of the Securitized Trust, the loan number, and group it belongs to:

Trustee Name Loan Number Group


The number of classes (tranches) and group status (active or paid):

Class Tranch CUSP Group Status


The loan level data will identify that the loan is inside the securitized trust:

Loan Level Data 1


The Security Description of Trust will identify the current ratings, current amount of the class, CUSIP number, and the Trustee and Lead Manager:

Security Description Ratings Trustee


The Collateral Composition page will identify the Originator:

Collateral Composition Originator


Identifies the Distribution payments for loans that are Delinquent, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or REO:

Distribution Payments


Identifies the performance of the Trust and shows the percentage of problem loans:

Trust Performance Problem Loans


Prospectus filing for references:

Prospectis Filing for References



Complete Quiet Title Package Explained

Learn more about our Quiet Title Packages.




PDF Download Sample Bloomberg Property Securitization Analysis

PDF Download Sample Complaint / Petition

PDF Download Sample TRO

PDF Download Sample Lis Pendens

"Quiet Title Package" is cutting edge work product developed by the Nation's Most Well Respected Attorneys in the Foreclosure Defense industry.

The Quiet Title Package includes all of the Following...

(1) Securitization Audit Report
This product is designed to Highlight all parties in interest, in the Securitization Chain. This product will offer a full chain of title, with Instrument Numbers, Special Purpose Vehicle Search, PSA and Prospectus. The report will also illuminate any evidence of Robo Signing. This product is what Attorneys are using to stop an Illegal Foreclosure due to lack of Legal Standing, or for Purposes of "Quieting the Title to the Property."

(2) Civil Complaint to QUIET TITLE & for other Relief
The Complaint package includes a Civil Complaint that is Jurisdictional Specific, and can be tailored to work on a Federal Level. 12-16 Causes of action will be included based on the specific findings in each of the reports they are based on. The Temporary Restraining order is designed to give the attorney time to fight the bank in favor of the Homeowner and the Lis Pendens will cloud the title, making it very difficult for the bank to take possession of the home and re-sell it, so a solution can be reached in favor of the Homeowner.

(3) Temporary Restraining Order to Stop the Sale

(4) Lis Pendens to "Cloud Marketability of Title"

*This Litigation support service is tailor made for the specifications of each Attorney, and is drafted by Competent and Qualified Attorney with Factual Specific Allegations tailored for each client, ready to be signed by the Attorney and filed.